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4000 individuals received coaching
1858 individuals entered training
1246 individuals increased their income

Title: Future Bright – Support, Advice, Skills

Title: Free career coaching, advice and support

Title: Leila – Future Bright participant, Artist, @LEILAGAMAZ

Leila: The actions that I’ve taken, have completely changed my life.

Title: Need career coaching?

Title: Henry – Future Bright participant, Gardener

Henry:  Future Bright showed me that there are systems out there that can help young people like myself establish themselves as business owners and start creating and generating their own work and income.

Title: Use our support to help: Fund, develop and explore your skills.

Title: Sally – Future Bright participant, Content Manager, Action Net Zero

Sally: The Future Bright scheme helped me to get to a place of clarity on what it was that I wanted to do and how I would be able to get there.

Title: Available across: Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Title: Natalie – Future Bright participant, Artist, @BYNATALIECREATIVE

Natalie: I knew that I wanted to explore the possibilities of moving my art and actually my photography and making a business out of it.

Title: Improve your skills

Title: Hannah – Future Bright participant, Teach Assistant

Hannah: She helped me loads with my interview skills, CV skills, and she helped me through pulling out all my good skills, all my qualities that were there but I didn’t know I had.

Title: Create an action plan

Title: Daniel – Future Bright participant, Filmmaker. @DANIELMARTINARTIST

Daniel: For me, it feels like it’s one of the very first times that there’s been an organisation that has really taken notice of me.

Title: Develop in your current job

Title: Sayed – Future Bright participant, Mental Health Coach / Tutor

Sayed: I became a person in demand. My employers are looking now to promote me as well, so it was a great help.

Title: Explore new career opportunities

Sally: I feel I’m in a place where I have a purpose.

Daniel: Just make the leap and make the contact with the company

Title: Katrina – Future Bright participant, Hypnotherapist | PHD Student

Katrina: Had I not gone in to the job centre at that particular time, I would have missed that opportunity.

Title: and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Sayed: So many people have promised me before, “Oh don’t worry about it, we will do this”, but the Future Bright, it was not a promise, it was a practical thing. “OK, you want to do it, you will get there” and I’m there now.

Title: Abdulmonim – Future Bright participant, Cyber Security | Student

Abdulmonim:  The main thing I’m taking away from working with Future Bright is keep digging. Never give up. So at the end of the day you’ll reach your goal.

Future Bright

How can we help?

The average person in the UK spends around 3,507 full days in work - our aim is to make sure those days make you feel happy and fulfilled.

If you want to feel better about your work life, Future Bright could offer you a personal career coach to help you develop and achieve your goals.

Whether you want to progress and increase your salary, boost your confidence, change career or even just improve your mindset, having someone in your corner to offer support and guidance can make a huge difference.

Future Bright is completely free, impartial and tailored towards you.

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Joining Future Bright gave me a sense of direction and something to work towards.

Taiwo - Bristol

What support do I receive?

Future Bright is delivered by local councils across the West of England. By joining you will be paired with a dedicated career progression coach in your area for 3 to 6 months, who will:

  • Support you to create a career action plan
  • Explore career progression opportunities with you
  • Help you with employability tools and skills such as CV, personal statement, application and interview techniques
  • Help you to build your confidence and motivation
  • Provide information and advice on other services
  • Signpost you to specialist support including training, money, benefits, counselling and self-employed business support
  • Keep your information private (we have a duty to pass on information if we believe that you or another person is at risk)
Chris - Career Coach

The most rewarding part of my job is watching people start a new career or enjoy training they would have only dreamed about prior to joining Future Bright.

Chris - Career Coach from South Gloucestershire

Sign up for Future Bright

Are you in paid work and have evidence of income in the last 28 days?

Yes, I am. If you are in paid work, please complete the Future Bright form below to begin your application.
No, I'm not. As you are not in paid work you are not eligible for Future Bright – however Skills Connect can support you instead.

What happens after I sign up?

We will contact you to confirm your interest and eligibility to take part in Future Bright. We will then organise your first meeting with your dedicated career coach. To find our more, check out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that things can change in life, your participation in the programme is voluntary and you can withdraw from it at any time, just let us know. If you have previously completed a journey with Future Bright you will not be able to return, however we can provide signposting to other support and provision. If you are unsure if you have completed your journey please get in touch with your local team.

Unless you agree to be a case study, your participation in the programme is completely anonymous. How your data is used is explained in our Future Bright Privacy Notice.

It is your choice if you want to tell your employer you are working with a Future Bright coach to help you progress at work.

Your career progression coach will work with you to create a personal plan based on what you want to achieve. Once the plan is agreed, we will ask that you work with your coach to:

  • Set realistic and time bound goals during your time with us
  • Follow up on the actions you agree with your coach
  • Tell us of any additional needs you may have or issues that arise
  • Tell us straight away if you have a problem attending a coaching session, interview or training
  • When your journey finishes with us complete an evaluation of your time with us and
  • Support the programme for others by providing your feedback

You will be required to provide evidence and ID to confirm your eligibility for the project.

Future Bright is designed to fit around you and any commitments you already have. The amount of time you spend with Future Bright depends on what you want to achieve. You will work with a coach for a maximum of 3-6 months and meetings will be arranged to fit in around your existing commitments.

Many sectors are struggling to recruit and retain staff. Offering opportunities for staff development will make you stand out from other employers and increase productivity. Our coaches work with clients to gain news skills including access to training, develop confidence, manage work life balance and stress and plan a career. The benefits for you investing in employee development include increased productivity, innovative workers, reduced staff turnover and reduced costs from staff absences.

Future Bright

Partnership working

Future Bright works alongside various other projects and providers. A great example of that interconnecting work is the Future Bright participants engaged with Digital Bootcamps. Jess in Bristol got in contact with Future Bright as she wanted to find out what help there was to take her business to the next level and that’s where she found about the Digital Bootcamps. Read more about Jess’ Future Bright story.

Read Future Bright case study

Support services

We offer a number of other support services to help you to develop new skills, access training or find new opportunities.