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Future Bright helped give my business direction

Image credit: B&NES

Jess got in contact with Future Bright as she wanted to find out what help there was to take her business to the next level.

When Jess joined Future Bright, she was paired with career progression coach Karen. They discussed options for her to grow her skills and build her business and Karen told her about the Digital Bootcamps running.

Jess had identified that she needed further training in areas such as landing pages, funnels, websites, and email marketing, not only for herself to use those additional skills to market her business, but also to provide those types of services for her clients, and decided to attend the Digital Marketing Bootcamp; “so far, the bootcamp has been really useful. I have been able to highlight the areas in marketing where I need to improve and to implement these skills. I also have an even more focused vision of the direction I want to take my business in the future”.

This links with what she feels she has taken away from Future Bright, “Future Bright has had a really big impact. I feel like I have taken away a renewed confidence and energy to take my business forward. Also, to really focus on my skills gap to improve my marketing and reach my desired niche”. Overall Jess says that Future Bright and the Digital Marketing Bootcamp have been “a very positive experience!”