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We are a region where creativity and collaboration lead to successful new ideas that improve people’s lives.

We are committed to encouraging businesses, organisations, and communities to come together to tackle society's biggest challenges through innovation. Innovation is a key pillar of our region's Local Industrial Strategy and is central to long-term recovery for the West of England, following the impact of COVID-19.


Plan for innovation

We are developing a West of England Plan for Innovation led by the Authority. The plan sets out our innovation priorities and how we hope to achieve them in close collaboration with our partners (including local authorities, universities and industry).

It will also showcase our region’s innovation strengths and technologies that will help us and the United Kingdom to remain at the forefront of the global knowledge economy. To deepen collaborative work on the plan further, we are holding five workshops in September.

If you have a professional interest to contribute to any of the workshop themes, you can join up to two workshops here – places are limited.

Alternatively, you can submit a questionnaire here  to provide comments on the draft Plan for Innovation.

Complete our questionnaire

Our work and initiatives

Green innovation

Using innovation to reduce emissions and safeguard our environment.

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Business innovation

We’re supporting businesses to innovate, adapt and improve sustainability.

Digital transformation

Our region’s digital transformation will help us improve inclusivity and tackle climate change.


Learn more about our Digital Engineering, Technology and Innovation programme.

By 2023, the Combined Authority will:

90 Deliver 90 innovative new products or services
110 Support 110 new research & development projects
1000 Engage 1,000 small businesses in innovation