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We are a region where creativity and collaboration lead to successful new ideas that improve people’s lives.

We are committed to encouraging businesses, organisations, and communities to come together to tackle society's biggest challenges through innovation.  Innovation is a key pillar of our Regional Strategy and is central to regional economic growth and prosperity.

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The West of England has a long history of innovation. We are a region where creativity and collaboration lead to commercially successful ideas that are improving people’s lives.

Our four universities lead the way in the way in research specialism that open up new business opportunities and attract talented people and investment into our region.

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory is pioneering innovations in assisted living and international companies such as Hewlit Packard have set up major research labs locally. We are home to world class research centres including the National Composites Centre and the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems.

Business starts-ups and spin-outs are growing rapidly thanks to some of the best incubator support in the world. We are great at nurturing entrepreneurs and have the highest survival rate for small and medium sized enterprises in England.
Our region’s ambitious Local Industrial Strategy is led by the West of England Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership working with our businesses and universities. It sets out how the West of England will build on its strengths to maximise innovative collaboration. The 5G smart tourism project is a great example of collaboration between universities, research centres and commercial partners, trialling how new technology can improve the way we all live and work.

The West of England is also home to a thriving low carbon energy sector with flourishing businesses plus strong capabilities in aerospace and advanced manufacturing. This expertise together with digital skills and high-speed data infrastructure means we are well placed to lead the transition to clean growth. We’re investing in a quantum technology innovation centre that will support new research, entrepreneurs and businesses in deep tech. We are developing a model for a global centre of innovation excellence and a network of living labs that will test, develop and new products and prepare new products and services for market.

As the world changes around us we will ensure our region stays ahead of the curve embracing new technology creating a strong economy and a better place to live and work for all.

Our approach

We want to lead the way in green and inclusive innovation to protect our environment and create opportunities for all. To achieve this, our Plan for Innovation will bring together our region's world-class R&D centres, academic institutions, businesses and the public sector, as well as helping businesses use innovation to boost productivity, create meaningful jobs and safeguard our environment.

Read our region’s Plan for Innovation

Our work and initiatives

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Green innovation

Using innovation to reduce emissions and safeguard our environment.

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Business innovation

We’re supporting businesses to innovate, adapt and improve sustainability.

Digital transformation

Using digital technology to improve inclusivity and tackle climate change across the region. 

Creative and Cultural

Find out how we are supporting our innovative Creative and Cultural Sector to grow and sustain.

Plan for Innovation

The Plan for Innovation sets out how we can create innovation-led solutions for our region’s pressing challenges and priorities.

Pictured at the IAAPS centre (left to right): Professor Gary Hawley (Executive Director), Metro Mayor Dan Norris, Isabella Griffiths (Marketing and Communications Manager), Professor Rob Oliver (Engineering Director and Professor of Practice), Tony Reid (Business Development and Enterprise Manager) and Gavin Edwards (Operations and IT Director).
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State-of-the-art engineering centre helping to decarbonise the region’s transport sector.

By the end of 2025, the Mayoral Combined Authority will:

1000 Engage over 1,000 small businesses in innovation
350 Support 350 small businesses through our innovation projects
£ 52 m Add £52 million to the regional economy through innovation