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Why is innovation important?

Innovation enables businesses to tackle the challenges they face, or to take advantage of new opportunities. It's also a key way to encourage economic growth. On top of this, innovation enables businesses to be more creative, efficient and sustainable.

Our region’s future depends on innovation. It’s what creates jobs, helps businesses stay ahead of the competition, and boosts productivity. Investing in innovation is essential to the success of businesses in our area.

Business Innovation

What is business innovation?

The West of England Combined Authority actively supports businesses in the region to invest in innovation.

We help businesses innovate through tailored support programmes that tackle specific challenges, such as improving sustainability, developing intellectual property, or developing new products and services. Our programmes offer funding and one-to-one expert support.

Our support programmes

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Providing grants to help small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including creating and securing jobs, introducing more efficient processes, and bringing new products and services to market.

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The Creative Growth Programme helps creative businesses and freelancers access funding, so they can grow in a sustainable way.

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Enabling small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make energy-saving improvements to their buildings and business operations.