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two people working on robotics
Image credit: National Composites

An innovative region

The West of England is an ambitious international innovation region where highly skilled people live, ideas flourish and businesses grow.

The Plan for Innovation sets out how over the next five years, the West of England can capitalise on our place-based advantages, sector strengths and enabling technologies to create innovation-led solutions for our region’s pressing challenges and priorities.

Download the Plan for Innovation (PDF)

The Plan for Innovation focuses on five innovation challenges that will help improve outcomes for businesses and residents of the West of England:

Road with bike and car

New and better ways of moving people and goods

Improving the reliability of our transport system, reducing car trips and carbon emissions, and improving air quality across the region.

heat pump on wall

New and better products, services and systems for climate and nature

Decarbonising our energy system and increasing renewable energy production, reducing carbon emissions from homes and businesses, and protecting nature from the effects of climate change.

Man talking in front of a crowd

Securing good jobs and training for innovation

Supporting innovative businesses to thrive, empowering residents into innovation careers, and championing inclusive innovation in our cluster.

Boy playing in front of house

New ways of creating homes, places and vibrant communities

Delivering zero-carbon, affordable homes, creating vibrant sustainable communities, and revitalising high streets and town centres.

River and city from above

Putting our world class innovation cluster on the map

Attracting investment in our innovation cluster and raising our national and international profile as a region of innovation excellence.

We see challenges as opportunity. By tackling these challenges we can achieve better social, economic and environmental outcomes for everyone in the West of England.