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Meetings and decisions

You can find information regarding the West of England Combined Authority and Joint Committee meetings here, as well as officer reports discussed at previous meetings. You can also view dates of upcoming meetings, and items that will be discussed in the future.

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The Combined Authority is committed to openness and transparency.

The decision-making process

The West of England Combined Authority Committee and the West of England Joint Committee are responsible for making the region’s key decisions. The two committees meet in public four times a year and decisions are put to a vote.

We publish a forward plan that details all of these decisions and when they will be taken. Once agreed, we publish all decisions by the Combined Authority’s decision-making bodies and its officers.

The Overview & Scrutiny Committee review these decisions and hold the Combined Authority and West of England Mayor to account.



A transparent approach

The Combined Authority is committed to openness and transparency. Our committee meetings are open for the public to observe (subject to venue capacity).

We publish agenda on our website at least five working days before each meeting. Members of the public can submit written questions and statements in advance of committee meetings.

For further information, please email

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The 2017 devolution deal brought £900 million of new investment funding into the region. Since then, the Combined Authority has secured over £2 billion of new funding for the West of England

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We publish reports showing how much the Combined Authority spends on providing services in the region.


West of England Combined Authority’s Whistleblowing Policy is designed to enable employees of the Combined Authority to raise concerns internally and at a high level, and to disclose information which the individual believes shows malpractice or impropriety. The Policy outlines the procedure to follow if you wish to raise a whistleblowing concern.