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What is the Digital Skills Investment Programme?

Through the Digital Skills Investment Programme, we’re supporting over 1,200 learners to improve their digital skills. This will help our residents access good jobs with better earning potential and will support local businesses to gain the digital expertise they need. The West of England has a growing digital sector and an increasing demand for digital skills to drive recovery and growth, close the skills gap and fill vacancies.

The Digital Skills Investment Programme (DSIP) is a key part of the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Plan. The programme is worth £2m and will support access to digital skills training, helping build capacity to increase access to and take-up of adult education opportunities, and will provide innovative, bespoke training courses to address digital skills gaps.

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Digital Skills Investment Programme

Digital bootcamps

To date, we’ve provided funding to for three digital training courses through the Digital Skills Investment Programme, which are running as bootcamps delivered by our expert partners:

In just 12 weeks participants will be provided with necessary skills to gain employment in marketing and business development roles.

This bootcamp starts with an introduction to marketing, progressing to sought after digital marketing skills including campaign planning, websites, search engine optimisation, social media, analytics for tracking and measurement plus enquiries and lead conversion.

This will all be complemented with personal and professional skills provision, plus employment support including techniques for job applications, mock interviews and employer networking events.

This bootcamp is for adults requiring new and additional skills to embark on a career in marketing or business development.

Visit Digital Marketing Bootcamp

NextGen Futures is a rapidly delivered training course in games-tech programming including Unity and Unreal, developed in response to the growth of games, VR, AR, animation, VFX, manufacturing and automation companies in the region, and related skills shortages in these growing industries.

Created by NextGen Skills Academy, Opposable Games and TechSpark, with support from a number of companies, organisations and initiatives in the region, the course will provide trainees with a rapid route into employment in a variety of exciting careers with local games and technology employers working on a global stage.

The programme will be free to trainees, and will include:

  • Online learning with face to face networking and events
  • Support for disadvantaged learners
  • Diverse and inclusive recruitment
  • Approximately 160 hours of learning

Find out more on the NextGen bootcamp by visiting NextGen bootcamp

UWE Bristol, alongside their partners, will deliver a programme of bootcamps in digital skills, targeting women, young people (19-25) and disabled people who have a desire to improve their employment opportunities.

The bootcamps will span a range of subject areas including Artificial Intelligence, User Experience Design and Cloud Computing.

Each bootcamp is designed to have a direct impact on individuals’ employment prospects and also provide training in the softer skills needed to successfully complete the training, as well as help to maintain future employment. Participants will be supported by academics and mentors who will be specifically selected to suit the individual’s needs.

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