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Future Bright Participants FAQs

Future Bright Participants FAQs 2019-09-03T09:55:16+01:00

Read the frequently asked questions below to find out how Future Bright could help you.

Do I have to stay in the programme? 2018-05-30T09:17:06+01:00

Your participation in the programme is voluntary and you can withdraw from it at any time.

How is my personal data used? 2021-01-07T09:47:58+00:00

How your data is used is explained in our Future Bright Privacy Notice (PDF, 152Kb).

Is my identity kept confidential? 2021-01-07T09:45:37+00:00

Yes, Unless you agree to be a case study, your participation in the programme is completely anonymous. You can read our full Future Bright Privacy Notice (PDF, 152Kb).

How much does it cost? 2018-05-03T13:50:33+01:00

Providing you meet the eligibility criteria, Future Bright is free.

What are my responsibilities? 2018-05-03T13:52:15+01:00

Your careers progression coach will work with you to create a personal plan based on what you want to achieve. Once the plan is agreed, you will be asked to keep to it.

Will I have to give up my job? 2018-05-03T13:57:09+01:00

No. In some cases, with your permission, we will work with your current employer to help you achieve your goals.

How will it fit in with my existing child care/family commitments? 2018-05-03T13:53:15+01:00

Future Bright is designed to fit around you and any commitments you already have.

Will you tell my existing employer that I’m on the scheme? 2018-05-03T13:56:27+01:00

No. Not unless you want us to talk to your employer regarding ways to improve your existing job.

How much time will it take up? 2018-05-30T09:16:12+01:00

This depends on what you want to achieve. All meetings with career progression coaches and training sessions will be arranged to fit in around your existing commitments.

Will participation in the programme affect my benefits? 2018-05-29T15:39:04+01:00

Your benefits will not be affected while you participate in the programme. They may change should you progress and earn more money. At this point your benefits may reduce, but you will be financially better off.

Do I need previous qualifications? 2018-05-03T13:54:15+01:00