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Lady on an e-scooter
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Future Transport Zone

What is the Future Transport Zone?

Powered by digital technologies, the aim is to improve the connection between public transport and our communities.

The FTZ will provide:

  • Last-mile transport options to connect more people to MetroBus and MetroWest
  • A mobile app for journey-planning and tickets, making it easier to use and pay for public transport
  • Transport solutions to help people access new employment opportunities.
Future Transport Zone

How will it improve transport in our region?

The Department for Transport has provided funding for us to develop and trial six key transport innovations:

  • Mobility as a Service: a one-stop-shop for journey planning and ticketing across all types of transport.
  • Mobility Stations: an integrated space for seamlessly changing between modes of transport.
  • Dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport: improving access to transport within communities.
  • E-scooters: better connected last-mile journeys extending the reach of core transport routes.
  • E-cargo bikes: green transport that reduces congestion for freight in city centres.
  • Transport Data Hub: a regional data warehouse to improve transport planning and management.

The full scope of the Future Transport Zone programme is detailed within the proposal document.

Our mission is to explore the potential to improve public transport with new technologies. Future solutions will enable seamless journeys that are easy and accessible for all our residents.

Lady on an escooter
Image credit: Voi

e-scooter trial

We are leading an e-scooters trial to make it easier to get around the West of England, giving people sustainable alternatives to using a car. The e-scooters can be rented by anyone with a full or provisional driving licence and can be used legally wherever cycles are permitted. Personal e-scooters, outside of the trial, remain illegal on pavements and the public highway.

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Mobile bus app

Future Transport Zone funding

We are one of four regions selected by The Department for Transport to become Future Transport Zones. They have provided us with £24.4 million to deliver this programme of investment in our region. The Combined Authority will also invest a further £3.65 million. The programme runs from July 2020 to March 2024.

We will use the funding to evaluate the impact of transport technologies. We will do this by assessing their impact on the way people travel in specific trial sites around the West of England.

We will ensure the Future Transport Zone puts customer-needs at the heart of our solutions. Our Transport Living Lab will involve residents in the co-design and creation of future transport solutions.

Our bid submission to the Department for Transport is available for download.

Future Transport Zone

Get in touch

For updates on Future Transport Zone and opportunities to get involved as the programme develops, register at our procurement portal. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email:

If you are a supplier and would like to help us deliver our FTZ projects please email:

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