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Image credit: Andras Vas
Transport Data Hub

Find, share and add data with ease

Currently, transport data users often have to go to multiple sources to find the information they require to achieve their goals.

By uniting multiple sources of data and presenting them in common user-friendly formats, the Data Hub will make it possible for the transport community to find, share and add data with ease – fostering collaboration and giving greater confidence in data-driven plans, policies and decisions.

Transport Data Hub

Inspiring collaboration

By putting users at the heart of the Hub, data will become a dynamic tool to inspire greater collaboration from users in different disciplines and locations.

Over the coming months, we are calling on our key stakeholders to bring their knowledge and expertise into the project, as our community of users will help to shape the Hub into an unrivalled resource for everyone in the region.

If you are a potential user of the Data Hub and wish to become involved in the development process, please email:

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