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Park and ride station, bus and shelter
Future Transport Zone

What are Mobility Hubs?

Our vision for transport in the region is to provide people, communities, and businesses with affordable, reliable, enjoyable, and safe ways to travel. Our trial Mobility Hubs will bring together established forms of transport with new ones, such as e-scooters, e-cargo bikes, and demand responsive bus services.

By bringing different transport services conveniently together at these one-stop Mobility Hub sites, we intend to make it easier for people to switch between different forms of transport - improving connections and making journeys easier while at the same time providing an opportunity to improve public spaces in a way which meets local community and business needs.

Future Transport Zone

Mobility Hubs: short summary

Watch this summary of the Mobility Hubs project.

We aim to create mobility hubs that will support stronger communities and economies, making better and more inclusive places that belong to local people.

Future Transport Zone

Developing for the future

During March 2022, we asked local people what facilities they would find most useful for a Mobility Hub in their area. Using this information, we are carrying out a detailed design and procurement stage, with a view to starting to construct the Hubs in early 2024 onwards.

These trial Mobility Hubs will also help us to explore a financially and operationally sustainable model for permanent sites in the future.

Mobility Hubs will operate together within the wider transport network, with a consistent and recognisable appearance but each hub will be individually tailored to meet local community and business needs.

Our trial sites have been chosen based on their ability to be delivered and quickly add value to local communities. Once in operation, we can start learning about how they work in practice and use this experience to continually improve the design, implementation, and operation of mobility hubs in the future.

Growth Hub

Our Growth Hub is a free support service for small to medium size enterprises (SMEs). We can help you achieve your ambitions through access to national and local business support, funding and training.

Thrive at work

Our Thrive at Work programme supports business leaders with the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Business support overview

Download our Business Support Guide for an overview of the support programmes available from Growth Hub.