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Illustration of people near a bus stop and a person getting off a bus.

Delivering high quality bus services

By making it easier to access and use public transport, we can get people out of cars and tackle congestion. This will improve local air quality, support transport decarbonisation, and improve the health and wellbeing of people in our communities.

Delivering high quality bus services is a crucial part of achieving that vision. This Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) sets out our ambitious targets to: reduce bus journey times, ensure services run on time, return to pre-pandemic patronage by 2025, increase passenger satisfaction and aim for all buses to be zero emission by 2030.

Our delivery plans aim to:

  • Make the bus convenient - taking residents where they want to go at the times they need to travel by extending the current network and improving frequencies.
  • Make our public transport network co-ordinated – by providing a recognisable brand, easy access to information, integrated ticketing across operators and enabling simple connections.
  • Deliver a positive customer experience – by bringing our bus stops up to a high quality standard, delivering new accessible and environmentally friendly buses and offering a value for money and affordable service

Our delivery plans

Our delivery plans for ten areas where we are looking to make significant improvements to our bus services. These are based on addressing current and future challenges and opportunities, meeting our targets, and prioritising investments where we can have the most significant impacts.

Intensive services and investment on key corridors, and with routes that are easier to understand.

There must be significant increases in bus priority.

Fares must be lower and simpler.

There must be seamless, integrated local ticketing between operators and this should be across all types of transport.

Service patterns must be integrated with other modes.

The local bus network is presented as a single system that works together, with clear passenger information.

Modern buses and decarbonisation.

Give bus passengers more of a voice and a say.

More demand-responsive services and ‘socially necessary’ transport.

Longer term transformation of networks through Bus Rapid Transit and other measures.

Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme

The Bus Services Improvement Plan was submitted as required at the end of October 2021 and a copy is available above. Work has now begun on the Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme.

The Enhanced Partnership Plan continues to be drafted and following government guidance we have published results from the statutory operator objections period.