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Active Travel

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During lockdown many people have taken advantage of quieter roads to walk or cycle more regularly. As more people begin to return to school, college and work we have a real opportunity to capture the positive changes we have seen to improve the physical and mental health of residents, improve air quality and ease congestion across the West of England.

This image shows a graphic of the Find Joy In The Journey campaignFind joy in the journey – Active Travel Campaign

Residents across the region are being encouraged to find joy in the journey by swapping a short car journey for walking or cycling whether commuting to work, taking the kids to school or popping to the shops. The new campaign from the West of England Combined Authority promotes the benefits of cycling and walking to boost health and wellbeing as well as helping to build a cleaner, greener future for the West of England. There’s plenty of support to get active on the joyinthejourney page on the Travelwest website which you can find via this link https://bit.ly/3g0BkSZ.

Improvements to cycling and walking infrastructure 

WECA has recently submitted its second bid to government for active travel. The schemes were selected to reflect our aims and aspirations in our Joint Local Transport Plan 4 and our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, and to support the Government’s objectives and guidance relating to Emergency Active Travel.

Whilst we’re hopeful that the Government agrees with and supports the level of ambition within our submission, the ability to progress some or all of the schemes does rely on Emergency Active Travel funding coming forward from Government.  We hope to receive feedback on our submission over the next couple of months.

West of England Mayor Tim Bowles said: “Creating safe routes for people to walk and cycle is a key part of my plan to get the region moving. We’re already seeing traffic in some parts of the region returning to 90% of pre-Covid levels so we need to work hard to create the positive legacy we would all like to see. With Government funding, these schemes will help us create a step-change in sustainable transport provision in the West of England.”