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West of England Local Industrial Strategy Evidence Base

What is the Local Industrial Strategy?

In Summer 2018, the West of England was announced as one of the 6 places across the country that would form the second wave of Local Industrial Strategies.

Local Industrial Strategies were a key component of the 2017 national strategy, a clear recognition that local places have distinct strengths.

The West of England Local Industrial Strategy will set out clear priorities to drive long-term growth in our regional economy. It will draw on the distinctive strengths of our people and the places across the West of England to deliver growth that is inclusive and clean.

It will develop proposals to accelerate growth in our economy by strengthening productivity, ensuring the region creates high-quality, fairly-paid jobs for our residents. It will support our businesses to thrive and enable new ideas to flourish.

The West of England Local Industrial Strategy is being developed jointly by our regional leaders, government, our business community and a wide range of regional organisations.

It will be a long-term plan based on a clear set of evidence. It will help us make decisions on how we invest, how we prioritise local action and how we align with broader regional activity that is strengthening our towns and cities.

The evidence base set out here presents an up to date view on the strengths and challenges of our region. It will be an important guide to underpin the decisions we make as we develop our strategy.

Evidence Base

To guide the development of the Local Industrial Strategy a suite of evidence has been produced focused on the factors that contribute to productivity growth, as well as the Grand Challenges set out in the National Industrial Strategy. This is supported by a report looking into the connectivity of the West of England with other regions.

The evidence base is a live document, which we will add to and update as new information becomes available.

Summary of our Local Industrial Strategy evidence

Issues for consideration*

Our early analysis of the evidence base identifies four key issues to consider in raising productivity growth in the region. These are:

  • Ensuring that growth is inclusive, with opportunities for employment and progression available for all. There are gaps in educational and training provision compared with future business needs, and the jobs market does not always work well for all residents.
  • Creating the right environment for businesses to grow and for residents to progress their careers; there are strong industries in the region but more could be done to support firms to improve their performance including through the adoption of new technology and improved management practices.
  • Fostering innovative businesses from research through to commercialisation and encouraging the diffusion of that innovation across different sectors. The region can build on strong research facilities and innovative businesses to encourage future growth.
  • Investing in the right infrastructure and housing for future growth. Transport and digital connections within the region and to other economic centres must flow freely, and we must maintain our attractiveness as a place to live.

Across all of these, we will have to reduce the region’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Next Steps

The evidence base will inform the development of the Local Industrial Strategy, which will be produced in partnership with regional businesses, community organisations, and local authorities.

Based on the current available evidence and the overarching objectives of the West of England Local Industrial Strategy we would welcome your views. The form below will be open until 22 March 2019.

Responses received in relation to the evidence base will help us identify areas for further analysis and where there are gaps in our understanding which need to be addressed, as we develop the strategy.

If you wish to get in touch, you can email us at strategy@westofengland-ca.gov.uk 

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Summary of our Local Industrial Strategy evidence

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