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Image credit: Freia Turland
Bee Bold Awards

The Bee Bold Award Winners 2022 have been announced!

We want the West of England to be the Bee and Pollinator Capital of the UK. West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris has launched the region’s first Bee Bold Awards to recognise organisations big and small that are taking positive action to support bees and pollinators.

We are working together to increase the number of bees and pollinators in the region and make the West of England the Pollinator Capital of the UK. This will help to tackle the ecological crisis within the region.

41% of pollinator species including bees and butterflies are in decline across the UK. Our Climate and Ecological Strategy Action Plan sets the ambition to increase wildlife by 30% by 2030.

Bee Bold Awards

Celebrating innovation

We all need to work together to protect and support pollinators and other crucial species to recover and thrive.

The Bee Bold Awards have helped to share success stories and practical ideas to showcase our region and celebrate our innovative organisations.

Bee Bold Awards

Introducing our Bee Bold Award Winners 2022

On Saturday 1st October 2022, West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris joined members of the community at the Kingsmeadow@Made Forever Community Centre to celebrate action being taken across the region to support pollinators.

Six outstanding projects from businesses, schools, and community groups were announced as winners of the inaugural Bee Bold Awards, celebrating innovative approaches that protect and support pollinators to recover and thrive. These practical ideas, assessed by a panel of local experts, showcase the region’s efforts, and act as success stories to inspire others to take action.

The event was held as part of a community effort to plant 10,000 wildflowers at Siston Common in South Gloucestershire, organised with South Gloucestershire Council, supported by a range of partners including Avon Wildlife Trust, Burgon and Ball, and Friends of Siston Common. This is part of the South Gloucestershire Council’s Common Connections project, funded by nearly £1m of investment from the West of England Combined Authority.

The Winners of the 2022 Bee Bold Awards are:

Redcatch Community Garden

Social enterprise working together to turn an urban piece of abandon land into a space for nature.

NHS Trust North Bristol

Not only benefiting pollinators but for supporting improved health and welfare.

Ecus Ltd

Low-cost and effective, having required simple engagement with landowners, but producing great results for pollinators.

Thornbury Orchard

Community members coming together and supporting pollinators and using wildflowers in conjunction with orchards.

Grow Wilder

Supporting and educating the community to make change in their own settings.

Wheatfield Primary School

Educating children to take action, which in turn is inspiring parents and the wider family to get involved.

We’re investing millions of pounds across the region to create new habitats and support wildlife. However, we need businesses to work with us to achieve our 2030 ambitions.

Bee Bold Awards

West of England organisations

All businesses, charities, or community organisations currently operating within the region were invited to apply. We will work with award winners to celebrate and promote their pollinator activity across the region.

To reflect the wide range of activity within the region, there are two categories for the awards: Space for Nature and People for Nature.

Bee Bold Awards

Space for Nature Award

Recognising organisations that use their land, buildings or influence to actively create pollinator-friendly places. 

These awards recognised initiatives that:

  • Protect, enhance, connect and expand land for nature and pollinators  
  • Use the built environment to support pollinator species 
  • Reduce habitat loss  
  • Support sustainable sourcing, procurement or production 
Bee Bold Awards

People for Nature Award

Recognising organisations that engage their employees, customers, communities and partners to actively create pollinator-friendly places. 

These awards recognised initiatives that:

  • Bring employees together to work on environmental issues 
  • Support community initiatives 
  • Raise the profile of business in supporting pollinators 
  • Involve or engage customers with pollinators 

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Bee and pollinator capital

We want our region to the be UK Bee & Pollinator Capital, with a range of habitats and spaces for our bees and wildlife to flourish.

Pollinator business resources

We have developed some useful information and tips on how we can all play our part to support bees and pollinators across the region.

Tackling the ecological emergency

Our Climate and Ecological Strategy and Action Plan sets the ambition for nature to be in recovery by 2030 and increase the abundance of wildlife by 30% in 2030.