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Image credit: Freia Turland

What are the Bee Bold Awards?

We want the West of England to be the Bee and Pollinator Capital of the UK and to increase wildlife by 30% by 2030.

41% of pollinator species including bees and butterflies are in decline across the UK. We are working to increase the number of pollinators in our region, as part of our Climate and Ecological Strategy and Action Plan . This sets the ambition to increase wildlife by 30% by 2030 to help tackle the ecological emergency within the region.

However we need businesses, organisations and schools to work with us to achieve our ambitions!

The West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris has launched this year’s Bee Bold Awards to recognise businesses, organisations and schools that are taking positive action to support pollinators and wider nature.

Why apply for an award?

Winning organisations, selected by a panel of experts from across the region, will be presented with an award to recognise their fantastic efforts for pollinators and wider nature at a dedicated award ceremony this summer.

Winners will also have their efforts captured in a professional video which will be promoted as good practice across the region and beyond via our website and social media channels.

Shortlisted and winning organisations will also receive digital badges which can be displayed on their websites, social media, and promotional materials.

Who can apply?

Entries for the 2024 Bee Bold Awards are now closed.
The Awards were open to the following categories that currently operate within the West of England region (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire):

•     Businesses
•     Charities, community / volunteer groups, and local governments
•     School & education providers
We will work with the award winners to celebrate and promote their pollinator activity across the region.

We all need to work together to protect and support pollinators and other species to recover and thrive. The Bee Bold Awards have help to share success stories and practical ideas from across our region.

If your organisation is taking action for nature and pollinators then apply for an award now!

Below are some examples of action that we are looking to celebrate and promote for each category of organisation:

Couple in greenhouse with ipad
Business action
  • Pollinator, nature-friendly or sustainable strategies and policies
  • Pollinator, nature-friendly or sustainable procurement methods, supply chains, and partnerships
  • Use of land and buildings to support pollinators and wider nature
  • Engagement of employees and customers to support nature
  • Nature-based investment or supporting community initiatives
  • Events and campaigns to raise the profile of supporting nature, pollinators and increase awareness
Three people planting plants
Community, non-profit and local government action
  • Creation, improvement, or protection of pollinator and nature friendly habitats
  • Engagement and education of volunteers and the wider community on creating, improving, or protecting pollinator-friendly habitats
  • Use of land, buildings or other resources to support nature and pollinators
Young boy holding trowel in the air
Education provider action
  • Creation, improvement or protection of pollinator-friendly habitats
  • Engaging students, staff and the wider community in pollinator habitat creation
  • Sustainable and nature-friendly procurement methods, partnerships and suppliers
  • Use of land and buildings to support nature
  • Partnerships, education and awareness raising of pollinators and wider nature, including events, campaigns and groups

Bee Bold Awards winners map

Check out the previous Bee Bold Award winners and shortlisted organisations within our region using our interactive map.

We’re investing millions of pounds across the region to create new habitats and support wildlife. However, we need businesses, organisations and schools to work with us to achieve our 2030 ambitions.

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Bee and pollinator capital

We want our region to the be UK Bee & Pollinator Capital, with a range of habitats and spaces for our bees and wildlife to flourish.

Community Pollinator Fund

We are funding community groups to help take action for pollinators within the West of England region.

Tackling the ecological emergency

Our Climate and Ecological Strategy and Action Plan sets the ambition for nature to be in recovery by 2030 and increase the abundance of wildlife by 30% in 2030.