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5G Smart Tourism Showcase

5G Smart Tourism Showcase 2020-10-20T09:28:12+01:00

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Hundreds of visitors enjoyed a glimpse of a 5G future at the 5G Smart Futures showcase event on Saturday 16 March 2019.

People flocked to the centre of Bristol to immerse themselves in the world of 5G and learn more about the networks and technology behind the 5G network, at We The Curious, Mshed, Bristol VR Lab and in Millennium Square.

Visitors took part in a variety of interactive pursuits ranging from virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to 360° video and locative media, allowing them to sample a wide range of the future applications of 5G technology and its potential to transform tourism and commercial activity in the West of England, as well as supporting the emergency services and managing safety at events.

One of the highlights was “Orchestrating the Orchestra” – believed to be a world’s first 5G experience – which successfully synchronised three classical musicians across inter-connecting 5G testbeds in Bristol, Digital Catapult and The Guildhall in London without any lag. The event attracted so much interest that the crowd spilled out in to the entrance hall of We The Curious.