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For new fares

The cost-of-living crisis is biting but there’s good news on the buses with new fares. From Sunday 25 September, an adult single in Bristol and Bath is reducing to £2 and outside of the cities, there will be sizeable cost reductions too. For single journeys you’ll now pay a maximum of £3.70 and less for shorter trips. It’s also now just £1 for children to travel right across the region.

Get on board

To help the planet

The West of England has super ambitious net-zero targets we want to reach by 2030. That’s going to mean everyone doing their bit. Currently 16% of UK emissions are caused by cars so if more people get on board and use the bus that will make a big difference.

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To explore local

The West of England has some fantastic local attractions to visit, and you can explore many of them by bus. Take advantage of the new £1 fare and take your children to Bristol Aquarium on the 8 bus; or maybe you want to get out and enjoy the countryside or a tourist attraction in the World Heritage Site of Bath.

Visit our Explore Local page.

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To drive the bus

The biggest challenge facing our buses at the moment is too few drivers. Have you ever thought of driving a bus or do you know someone who is thinking of a new career?

Find out more about bus driver career opportunities.

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Big Choices on Buses

We want to hear your views and ideas on bus travel across the region.


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