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For West link

A fleet of green minibuses forming a new 'on-demand’ service within the West of England will hit the streets this summer. Passengers in zones across the West of England will be able hail a 'WEST link' by using an app. on their smartphone, visiting a website or by phoning up. The minibuses will be unrestricted by a timetable. Ticket prices will match fares on West of England buses. Clever technology will use algorithms to best join up several people’s needs, combining them into one trip to get passengers to where they need to be as efficiently as possible.


The service will run between 7am-7pm Monday-Saturday. The minibuses will run in defined zones designed to get people to key transport corridors where they can then pick up another bus or train. The scheme is being funded by the West of England Combined Authority using money secured from government through the Bus Service Improvement Plan.


West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:
“Everyone knows the buses don’t currently work as well as we need them to, so it’s time to try something new.  I know change is difficult and people will be concerned about other cuts to supported bus services funded through local councils. But WEST link will provide a much-needed new public transport option to help people get out and about to their destinations.
“I hope we can encourage many people to use WEST link as a feeder service to connect to more high frequency bus or rail services. It should also provide access to a wider range of destinations and support local travel essential to many communities. The status quo doesn’t work and many individuals and communities are suffering. For those impacted it is a really big deal so things must improve. We also need to encourage more people out of their cars if we’re going to meet our vital and ambitious 2030 Net Zero targets.
“Revamping busses at a time of such horrendous driver shortage is going to be really tough, but change is essential if we are to get our bus services back on track and thriving in the future. These important changes will be disruptive, take time, and we will have to learn lessons as we work hard to get things right, but I urge people to try WEST link and embrace this positive opportunity to shape our transport future for the better.”
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For new fares

The cost-of-living crisis is biting but there’s good news on the buses with new fares. From Sunday 25 September, an adult single in Bristol and Bath is reducing to £2 and outside of the cities, there will be sizeable cost reductions too. For single journeys you’ll now pay a maximum of £3.70 and less for shorter trips. It’s also now just £1 for children to travel right across the region.

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To help the planet

The West of England has super ambitious net-zero targets we want to reach by 2030. That’s going to mean everyone doing their bit. Currently 16% of UK emissions are caused by cars so if more people get on board and use the bus that will make a big difference.

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To explore local

The West of England has some fantastic local attractions to visit, and you can explore many of them by bus. Take advantage of the new £1 fare and take your children to Bristol Aquarium on the 8 bus; or maybe you want to get out and enjoy the countryside or a tourist attraction in the World Heritage Site of Bath.

Visit our Explore Local page.

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To drive the bus

The biggest challenge facing our buses at the moment is too few drivers. Have you ever thought of driving a bus or do you know someone who is thinking of a new career?

Find out more about bus driver career opportunities.

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