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Workforce for the Future and residents 

Workforce for the Future and residents  2020-02-07T15:36:47+00:00


 Although the Workforce for the Future programme is predominantly aimed at supporting micro, small and medium sized enterprises, SMEs, there will also be a positive impact on residents in the West of England region, in particular those wishing to up-skill or gain experience of working in a particular sector or industry.   

 An ambition of the Workforce for the Future programme is for individuals living and working in the region to feel empowered and knowledgeable to participate in lifelong learning and have the confidence and skills to have a long, happy, productive and fulfilling career in the region. 

 Benefits of the programme 

There are expected to be several benefits to residents from delivery of Workforce for the Future programme, these include: 

  • more people progressing into or within the skills provision, which could lead to higher earnings 
  • better co-ordinated and joined up opportunities for residents engaged in the skills system to gain work ‘placements’ such as internships, graduate placements, work experience, apprenticeships etc with SMEs and learning providers working more collaboratively 
  • greater likelihood of undertaking learning and/or training in an area that is a priority for businesses in the region 
  • opportunity to consider a career change or return to work in a different sector 

Who can benefit from the programme 

The programme from a learner perspective will be open to anyone however there are certain groups that will be encourage to engage in opportunities created through the programme and these include though are not limited to residents: 

  • from black and minority ethnic backgrounds 
  • for training in industries where a gender is under-represented such as women into the construction industry and men into care roles 
  • who have special educational needs 
  • who are looking to re-skill 
  • who are returning to work after a career break 
  • without qualifications or who work in lower skilled occupations 
  • care leavers or young people who are not in education, training or employment 

 Please note that this programme does not provide funds direct to individuals to assist them in undertaking specific training.