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Workers in the West are the most likely to have ‘quality’ job

New data from the Office for National Statistics shows that workers in the West of England area are the most likely in Britain to have a ‘quality’ job (higher than any other combined authority):

  • The West of England Combined Authority area has the highest proportion of people employed in ‘quality jobs’ (76%) compared with other areas across the UK
  • 83% of employees in the West of England work satisfactory hours – less than 48 hours a week and not wanting to work more hours
  • Almost all workers (99%) were in ‘desired contracts’ – i.e. a permanent contract, or in a temporary contract by choice.

Quality jobs are defined as including satisfactory hours (less than 48 hours per week), not providing low pay, and fitting the desired contract type.

Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor, said: “These figures send a clear signal that the West of England values quality of life as much as we value productivity. That makes our area even more attractive to ambitious and talented people from right across the country and shows that the West of England is a fantastic place to work, start or grow a business.

“But I’m ambitious for the potential of our region and still see room for improvement here. That’s why the West of England Combined Authority is investing in areas like skills and transport, and setting out strategic plans for the future of our area to make sure we have the people and homes, the jobs and connectivity to make our area even better.”

Currently 6% of employees in the area receive ‘low pay’ (less than two-thirds of average national pay), which puts the region in third place behind London and Aberdeen, and equal with the Edinburgh and Glasgow area.

You can read the ONS report, and find out about our Local Industrial Strategy, which sets out clear priorities to drive long-term growth in our regional economy

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