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Our plans for the region

Our plans for the region 2018-09-27T09:22:18+01:00

We are  developing our strategy for the West of England, to ensure our future is more productive and better connected.

This will include initiatives and measures to help grow our economy in a sustainable way, tackling barriers to growth, including:

  • Making sure our residents have the right skills for jobs in our region and reducing the skills gaps in some sectors
  • Ensuring we have effective infrastructure – including transport and digital connectivity – to help people live, work and move around
  • Using enhanced powers to speed up delivery of new housing in line with the Joint Spatial Plan.

We want the West of England to continue to be an attractive place for investors; we want to ensure our potential is clearly recognised and acknowledged by the Government, and we want local people to benefit from more job opportunities, a stronger economy and a high quality of life