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Improving walking and cycling in the West of England

We recognise that encouraging more walking and cycling will help us build a healthier and greener West of England.

We are investing in improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure. The selected schemes reflect aims in our Joint Local Transport Plan 4, Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan. They also support the Government’s objectives and guidance relating to Emergency Active Travel.

Bikes in a hangar
Cycling infrastructure

West of England Cycle Hangar Project

Cycling is an important mode of sustainable transport and being able to park them safely and conveniently plays a vital role in whether people choose to cycle. We recently secured funding to install 80 cycle hangars across the region, and in November 2023 held a consultation to find out where communities felt these would be best located.

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Cycling infrastructure

Improve our understanding

We would like your help in identifying where existing cycling infrastructure is located. Explore our interactive cycling infrastructure map and let us know what is missing!

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Our plans and strategies for walking and cycling in the West of England

Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

How we plan to provide high quality infrastructure for walking and cycling across the region.

What we're doing for travel

Read our wider plans for how people travel around our region, with more journeys by public transport, walking and cycling.

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As we return to our places of work, we’ve talked to businesses in the West of England about the benefits of encouraging cycling and walking.

Tony Prescott, Aardman Animations:

“Aardman has always been a very environmentally conscious company.

It's important that we act responsibly with regards to the environment.

So it's really valuable that the partners can exercise.

Whether it's riding a bicycle to work, or just going for a cycle around Bristol docks on a lunchtime.

It's hugely beneficial to welfare and wellbeing.

The last year has been very difficult for everyone.

But what it has done is given people the opportunity to go out and walk and cycle and there's been a massive increase in that across the entire country.

As a business we hopefully will benefit from that because we'd like to think as people come back to work that they do want to ride their bike, or they do want to walk.

And that increase in wellbeing and fitness is bound to be a benefit to the business itself.”

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Find out how Aardman Animations is encouraging active commuting

Listen as Tony Prescott talks about how beneficial active travel is to his colleagues the welfare and wellbeing.