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Transport Delivery Plan cover

The long-term aspiration for transport in the West of England is connecting people and places for a vibrant, inclusive and carbon neutral West of England

We want our town and city centres to be great places where people want to live. We want to be less reliant on cars, and for our towns and cities to be more pleasurable, with better air quality. We also want it to be easier to access sustainable transport from our villages and rural areas.

We need to make sure that all the elements of a successful region are connected – creating communities that are linked to jobs and training,  opening more opportunities for more people. A key element to achieve all this is to make our region better connected, with reliable easy to access public transport and better transport interchanges.


  • cloud icon Take action against climate change and address poor air quality
  • Growth Chart icon Support sustainable and inclusive economic growth
  • Equality and accessibility icon Enable equality and improve accessibility
  • Heart icon Contribute to better health, wellbeing, safety and security
  • map pin icon Create better places