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CRSTS cover image. People walking and cycling. A bus and buildings show in the background.

The Sustainable Transport Settlement sets out the vision and plan for sustainable transport in the West of England area, for all stakeholders to engage with, support and deliver

It is led by the Metro Mayor and constitutes a joining effort between the local authorities of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and Bath and North East Somerset, alongside the Combined Authority.

It covers the opportunity to drive our economic, social and environmental ambitions by making a meaningful difference to travel choices and experiences for residents and visitors. It describes a coherent programme of investment in public transport, cycling and walking, the benefits and outcomes we expect to see, and how we are setting ourselves up for successful delivery.

The proposals will deliver immediate and longer-term benefits to residents and visitors by making it easier to travel in and around the region:

  • Bus services will be quicker, more reliable and more frequent.
  • Rail services will be more frequent and less crowded, and stations will be easier for everyone to access.
  • Public transport fares and ticketing will be simplified and easier to use.
  • Cycling and walking will be safer, more convenient and more enjoyable.