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People working at computers in the Engine Shed

By enabling businesses to innovate and embrace new technologies and skills, we are adapting to change and improve resilience, which can help us tackle regional challenges, including delivering our net zero targets.

In addition, the creation of the Business Innovation Fund has allowed SMEs to undertake R&D activities leading to new products, processes and services.

Our programmes

The Combined Authority supports SMEs to increase their digital skills and knowledge with through a range of tailored support programmes.

Man using sound system Workforce for the Future
Woman and man using design software Tech for Growth
West of England Growth Hub

Enhancing our business support offer to help businesses adapt, survive and find sustainable pathways to recovery and growth, this includes further support around digital transformation and digital innovation.

Children looking at smart phones

We’re exploring the potential of 5G to revolutionise the way we live, work and move around the region.

Super-fast and ultra-reliable 5G could hold the key to a better, more sustainable future.

Voi escooter Image credit: Voi

We are developing a Future Transport Zone which uses smart transport and technology to better manage our network and trial new, easier ways to travel around our region.

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Get hands-on expert business support, helping small businesses get online, enhance digital presence, or adopting new technology or digital practices to increase productivity and sales.

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The strategic nature of digital connectivity in supporting the economy is as critical to all sectors as for example the public transport network.

Regional Economic Recovery Taskforce: Topic Paper 3

By improving broadband and addressing digital exclusion we are building regional resilience and laying the foundations for a local data-enabled net zero economy, increasing inward investment and economic growth.

Digitisation should have a positive impact. If we address the true environmental cost of going digital, minimise barriers to innovation and harness the benefits of technology we can create a sustainable, inclusive future.