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Children looking at mobile phones

There is currently a shortage of advanced digital skills in the workforce.

We're working with local schools, colleges and businesses to ensure the current and future workforce is digital-ready, and that SMEs can access new technology and upskill their employees.

25% of adults in the South West lack the essential digital skills for life, compared with 21% for the UK.

4.9% of people aged 16 years or over last used the internet over 3 months ago, or have never used it.


Between 2014 to 2020, non-internet users have declined in both the UK and the West of England. However, non-internet users in Bristol increased from 2019 to 2020.

The percentage of non-internet users in the West of England (5%) is lower than the percentage of non-internet users in the UK (8%).

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Adult Education Budget

We aim to increase confidence, access and take-up of basic digital skills by the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Digital Skills Investment Programme

By investing £2.4million we've delivered the Digital Skills Investment Programme to increase employment and training opportunities.

5G Innovation

We’re exploring the potential of 5G to revolutionise the way we live, work and move around the region.