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Energy saving improvements

Advice and resources

Are you ready to start your journey towards having a home which is warmer, cheaper to run, and more climate-friendly? 

Well, the Retrofit West Advice Service is here to help. The West of England Combined Authority has funded Retrofit West CIC, who are here to help you make your home more energy efficient. 

The service provides free, expert and trusted advice and resources which can help you to: 

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 
  • Make your home more comfortable year-round 
  • Save you money on your energy bills 
  • Create a home that is better for your health and wellness 
Retrofit West Advice

What support is available?

The service provides a supported journey for homeowners looking to retrofit their home, covering the following aspects:

Assess your property using a free and easy-to-use online retrofit plan builder portal.

Access free and trusted retrofit advice via an online form, email, or telephone.

Have a retrofit plan created for your home, based on national quality standards.

Get any home improvement designs and installations quality assured.

Search for and get connected with accredited retrofit professionals for your project.

Get support with how improvements are performing, and advice on future works.

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What does retrofit mean?

Retrofit refers to any improvement work on an existing home to improve its energy efficiency, making it easier to heat, and lowering its carbon emissions.
Around 40% of our carbon emissions come from buildings nationally. Making our homes more energy efficient is critical in addressing the climate and ecological emergency, as many of the UK’s homes are old and leaky.

You can learn more about all things retrofit from the Retrofit West CIC Knowledge Bank, which includes explainer articles, homeowner stories, guides, and blogs. Additionally, the newly launched Retrofit Forums are an inclusive place where you can ask questions, engage in conversations, and gain insights from members.

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Why are we investing in Retrofit?

The climate, nature, and cost of living emergencies are key priorities for the West of England Combined Authority. We are investing £10 million in retrofit to help address the challenges associated with making home retrofit achievable for everyone.

The Retrofit West Advice Service is the first project to be delivered from this funding, under the Retrofit West scheme. Alongside this, Retrofit West Business Support is ensuring there are enough skilled tradespeople to meet growing homeowner demand.

Retrofit West Advice

Am I eligible?

This service is available to people who live within the West of England Combined Authority region, namely Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire Local Authority areas.

Access free advice to help make your home more energy efficient. Visit the Retrofit West Advice website, freephone 0800 038 6733 or email

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