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Wind turbines

The Local Energy Scheme supports and funds renewable energy projects across the West of England. The Scheme is helping us to deliver our commitments to increase renewable energy generation, decarbonise local energy systems and support local communities in the West of England. The scheme has had 2 rounds, awarding money to ambitious projects.

Round 3 is open now, with £723,000 total fund available. £275,000 for revenue funding and £448,000 for capital funding. Read the scheme overview (pptx), and complete the Expression of Interest form (docx) to register your interest in applying for the grant funding. Applications close midday 25th September.

The Local Energy Scheme now supports and funds renewable energy projects of under 1 megawatt (MW) in the West of England. The Scheme has previously funded larger projects but has reduced the capacity of projects due to grid connection issues.

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Wind turbine
Round 1 fund award

Ambition Community Energy (ACE)

Round 1 awarded £500,000 to Ambition Community Energy (ACE) to build a 150-metre wind turbine in Avonmouth, delivering 4.2 megawatts (MW) renewable energy generation capacity and enough electricity to power over 3,000 homes. This community-led project supports the delivery of the Ambition Lawrence Weston Community Plan.

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Solar farm
Round 2 fund award

Bath and West Community Energy and Cleveland Pools

Round 2 awarded £250,000 to Bath and West Community Energy BWCE to install a 2.1MW solar farm at Fairy Hill in Compton Dando.

£77,000 was also awarded to Cleveland Pools to install infrastructure for a water source heat pump for the pools’ heating.

The first round of the Scheme was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It is now funded by the West of England Recovery Fund and Green Recovery Fund. The £60m Green Recovery Fund was set up to help us meet our climate and ecology ambitions.

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