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Our aim is to ensure that Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is inclusive and meets the needs of individual pupils.

Schools and Colleges

Enterprise Coordinators

We have a highly experienced team of Enterprise Coordinators who deliver high-quality support to schools and colleges across the West of England region by:

  • Supporting careers leaders: providing training and support for careers leaders in schools and colleges
  • Building networks: linking schools and colleges to business volunteers and skills providers
  • Backing the Gatsby benchmarks: supporting implementation of best practice in careers education

The eight Gatsby benchmarks provide a framework for best practice careers guidance. This framework supports schools to provide students with the best possible careers education, information, advice and guidance. The benchmarks are also the foundation of the Careers Strategy, which is a statutory requirement for secondary schools and colleges.

The Careers and Enterprise company have an extensive resource directory to support schools and Colleges. From supporting your strategic planning, to embedding careers within the curriculum. Don’t forget to check back regularly as fresh resources are continually added to the directory.

Schools and Colleges

Statutory Guidance

Careers guidance and Access for further education and training providers

Below you will find a link to the statutory guidance for schools and colleges on providing careers guidance. The Careers and Enterprise company have provided support documents to help interpret the statutory guidance. Here is the school leader guidance document and here is the college leader document.

The West of England Careers Hub is committed to:

  • Amplifying technical and vocational routes so young people know about all the options
  • Supporting effective transitions from education to work, further study or training.
  • Removing barriers for young people. Career Hubs prioritise tackling disadvantage in partnership with local employers.

Read Statutory Guidance (September, 2022)