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Courses we are funding

We understand maths can be daunting for a lot of people which is why our courses are delivered in a relaxed, informal setting to help improve your confidence. Most of our courses are designed to be practical and fun (no scary maths teachers here).

For more information and to apply directly, browse our full list of courses currently open for applications below.

We will be adding more Multiply courses soon so check back to see what's available.

Multiply courses

ACH support refugees and migrants within the Bristol area and have developed a course to support those who suffer with anxiety and insecurity around maths which may be affecting their ability to flourish within the community. Each session will offer mindfulness and relaxation techniques to overcome the anxiety. There is an opportunity to talk about your anxiety openly with others and participants given the opportunity to have “time out” and one-to-one support as required. The sessions will cover maths topics in a fun and engaging way using games, videos and quizzes. The topics will link to real-life scenarios with “maths moments”, such as timekeeping, budgeting, cooking, house maintenance, places in the community and travel. Once the learner has completed their course, they can progress onto accredited learning and further training.

To find out more details and course start dates, please visit their website.

Bath College are delivering a range of practical and engaging numeracy courses within the region. Offering a range of initiatives to help adults improve their maths skills with our practical, supportive and - hopefully! -fun workshops. These sessions are:

  • To build confidence for learners who are considering maths qualifications by using a Step into Maths course that will support foundation skills and classroom confidence.
  • To support learner to progress onto Stepping Stones and Functional Skills maths courses through Step into Maths and Building Maths Skills.
  • To upskill local workforce to be more confident in data handling, numeracy and be able to apply maths skills to their own work contexts.
  • To support learners within the community to develop their numeracy skills through various ways such as budgeting, cooking and practical maths applications.
  • To support DWP customers to understand finance as applied to Universal Credit
  • To support families to budget for life skills e.g. cookery, confidence
  • To those who are long-term unemployed to identify their skills and develop their own microbusiness ideas

To find out more details and course start dates, please visit their website, email them, or call on 01225 328 822.

Bristol City Council have provision will be delivering fun, practical activities in community venues to build confidence, and support people to progress to courses aimed at improving your maths further, including opportunities to gain a maths qualification. They offer a range of provision including maths for Life, for employment and for health, maths introduction, entry level maths, pre-apprenticeships.

Working with established partnership of children’s centres, schools, and libraries, the Bristol City Council Community Learning team will develop family maths ‘bite size’ activities. These will help eligible parents/carers develop fun ways to support their children with maths

To find out more details and course start dates, please contact or visit their website.

“The Strength in Numbers” programme has been designed for adults who would like to improve their maths skills for everyday life. The programme provides an alternative learning experience to traditional educational settings, empowering participants to develop a new mindset about maths and numbers. The course will be delivered within a relaxed, non-pressured environment, providing practical learning which will enable participants to gain the skills and confidence to master simple maths, in ways that are meaningful for them, and in a context that meets their needs.

The course is open to anyone who may feel anxious or worried when dealing with numbers, those with learning difficulties, those who would simply like to improve their skills and practical application, or as a precursor to a further qualification. At the end of the programme participants will have achieved the skills necessary to progress to Level 1 and/or Level 2 Maths.

To find out more details and course start dates, please visit their website, or to book your place please email

This new course is for any adult aged 19+ who lives in South Gloucestershire and may have struggled with maths at school, are not aware how they already use maths in everyday life or simply do not enjoy anything maths and would like to improve their numeracy skills in a fun and engaging way.

The course will cover calculating increasing shopping costs, how to save and manage money, navigating public transport, getting the best deal with domestic bills and supporting learners in getting the most for their money. This course will also support learners with fitness, creativity and English as well as seeing them plan and research a walking tour of the city including a visit to the Bristol museum which they will take part in on their last day as a group.

Maths will be subtly integrated into the course through gardening, cooking, golf including playing a round of crazy golf in Bristol, fitness, wellbeing, arts and crafts including pottery, life drawing and ceramics. The last day will be an escape room where the answers from each puzzle opens the chest to the vouchers they will receive to support them with their food bills.

To find out more details and course start dates, please visit this website:

WEA has designed small-size classes of 8-10 learners to demystify maths and apply it to everyday life. These short, unaccredited modules use quizzes and challenges to boost learners' confidence leading towards qualifications. These modules will enhance employability/promotion prospects and help with life's challenges. Each stage completion results in a Multiply' digital badge' to recognise the learner's success.

WEA has an initial soft diagnostic assessment with a dedicated mentor to ascertain the most appropriate course for learners' needs. The initial 1:1 soft diagnostic assessment with the mentor will explore barriers, including negative educational experiences, low English levels, financial challenges, family situation, neurodiversity, low confidence/motivation, offending, insecure housing and childcare commitments.

To find out more detail and course start dates please visit their website or contact 0300 303 3464.

Weston College has three different courses available in North Somerset; all classes will be delivered in small groups of ten taking a form of a mix of practice and learning activities, worksheets and assessment with practical applications in simulation and real-world situations.

Cost of Living Maths

This course will support individual learners’ to develop their ability to better manage their household finances and lessen the impact of rises in the cost of living on their families. The training is aimed at anyone who manages a family or personal budget, with a particular focus on those who are on benefits or low incomes.

Maths for ESOL

This course will support participants to develop a mathematical literacy for those who are currently learning English as a second or other language. The course will cover cultural differences and similarities in our use of maths skills and numbers, applied mathematics in a variety of cultural settings and developing confidence in using maths in everyday conversations and situations.

Maths for Parents

This course will support parents of primary aged children to develop the numerical and mathematical skills to be able to support their children with home- and schoolwork, and to be more confident in their own use of maths in applied situations. We will be teaching both the maths skills and techniques by which the parents can successfully pass on these skills to their children. This strand will be delivered in association with the Kaleidoscope Multi-academy Trust, Castle Batch Children’s Centre and other will be open to the parents of other primary providers across the county.

To find out more details and course start dates, please contact or by call the recruitment team on 01934 411417

YTKO are delivering courses to support employer and community learners within Bristol and South Gloucestershire to improve their numeracy skills so improve their careers and educational opportunities with require competencies in maths. All of the numeracy training will be within a business context and be across a three days and to include exercises and remote learning. Learners on the Finance Fundamental will generate a case study of a business to generate a profitable business model, calculating turnover, overheads, profit margins. Exploring how a reboots financial model can inform all aspects of a business including marketing and business strategy.

To find out more details and course start dates, please contact or 0800 456 1311.

Further support

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Skills Bootcamps offer free and flexible training for adults aged 19 and over, allowing you to gain skills that employers are looking for.

Future Bright

Future Bright offers free one-to-one career coaching to help you take your next steps at work.

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