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Employer engagement with young people is essential to prepare them for the world of work.

Successful interaction with employers and experiences like workplace volunteering, internships and placements help young people make sensible, informed choices about their future.

"We have an incredibly supportive network of advisors from businesses of all sizes and sectors, sharing a common goal to improve the future prospects of young people in the region."

Paul Anslow, CEO, Triangle Networks Ltd - West of England Lead Enterprise Advisor

An introduction to volunteering as an Enterprise Adviser

Interviews with several Enterprise Advisers on the importance of the role:


I became an enterprise adviser initially because I have three children of my own and I found there was some opportunities to help support as a local businessman and help support the local schools in understanding what some of the challenges are for local businesses and how we can work with young people in overcoming those challenges.


Overwhelmingly, the most important and most valuable thing for me is working with schools and getting that opportunity to work with the teachers, the careers advisers and the pupils and young people themselves. I think that is the number one and I think working with other careers advisers in a network which we do in the West of England is also a great experience and something I always prioritise.


It is a fantastic opportunity not only to put something back into your community, it’s also an opportunity to bring your skills and knowledge and expertise and really help with schools to help develop their career plan and they really need that expertise and advice and dedicated support.


Who is best from getting industry insights? From what I have experienced in the last three years is that some schools can really just be working in their silos and when you look at the network it is people from the same profession so what they get here is diversity of thought, diversity of approach in terms of engaging with different businesses.


Schools often struggle with lack of resource and time to dedicate onto careers and onto enterprise and that really means that they are not going to have a lot of time to engage directly with local businesses or businesses in the big cities nearby and I think that is one of the things we can really bring as volunteers is making those connections easier and taking hold of the strain and really trying to articulate and embed understanding about the way business and the world of employment works today into schools who simply don’t have the time and capacity to always keep up with that.


There is a wealth of opportunities out there and there is a wealth of organisations that are willing to help and support young people and its putting it all into context. It’s benchmarking, it’s signposting all that information and making it accessible to everyone, not just a selected few.


Normally they can always get the quick wins, you know the police, the army cadets and so forth, but when they engage with SME’s or someone from a different sector they get a whole variety of new people who can come and motivate young people so I think that is really part of being part of the added benefits that we are able to add on top of the great work that the schools already do.


The best about being an enterprise adviser is being part of a network, an effective network that is really demonstrating impact and to really make a difference to that school that you are working with.


I believe anyone in business, large or small, should become an enterprise adviser if they can. It is a thoroughly rewarding team and rewarding network of people who really want to make a difference and are really making some change happen and I certainly enjoy it a great deal.

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Workforce for the Future programme

As part of the Workforce for the Future programme, we’re helping businesses develop mutually-beneficial, impactful relationships with schools.

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The Cornerstone Employer group is a small cross-section of employers from the West of England region. The group represents a range of key sectors in our area, including Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, Digital, Health, Legal and Professional, and Construction. Employers include Airbus, the Cabinet Office, Hargreaves Lansdown, and the University of Bath. Our Cornerstone employers have experience in engaging with schools and colleges and provide strategic support to our Careers Hub. They’re also committed to:

  • increasing the numbers of employers who interact with schools and colleges
  • reaching all students, especially those who are disadvantaged
  • sustaining employer engagement and the work of the Careers Hub
  • ensuring all employer engagement is high quality, meaningful and impactful

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