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This page includes information on the various opportunities available to employers for engaging with volunteers or to volunteer themselves. Here you can find out about how to become an Enterprise Advisor and discover information on Cornerstone Employers.

Successful interactions with employers and experiences like workplace volunteering, internships, placements, and workshops inspire young people to make informed choices about their future, whilst attracting future talent to your business.

Employers and volunteers

Benefits of engaging with young people

Your business can make a real difference to young peoples’ lives. Individuals who interacted with employers while at school are 86% less likely to become what’s known as NEETs (not in employment, education or training). They’re also likely to earn around 18% more during their career than their peers without the same opportunities.

By interacting with young people you can:

  • Meet young talent first
  • Inspire young people and grow future skills
  • Proactively address the social value of your business by making a difference to the community
  • Develop your staff’s potential