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Digital skills investment programme

What is the opportunity?

As part of the West of England Combined Authorities’ wider Recovery Fund the £2m Digital Skills Investment Fund will support over 1,200 residents. This funding is to increase their digital skills capability to achieve better earning potential and support businesses to gain the digital skills they need quickly as a result of COVID.

Training will be targeted at getting residents back into jobs through targeted training, rebuilding businesses and strengthening inclusion. Priority groups include: unemployed, those in low paid work and underrepresented groups.

To support the development of medium and higher level skills needed by employers there are currently 10 digital skills bootcamps scheduled to be delivered from now until March 2022, with further funding being made a available for additional projects in Autumn 2021.

Current funded digital bootcamps are in areas of Digital Marketing, gaming, data and AI and User Experience Design.

Digital skills investment programme

What is a Bootcamp?

Bootcamps are intense training courses which will support people from target groups with the correct enthusiasm, skills and attributes to take part in a 12-week intensive upskilling course which will equip learners with the specific skills employers are demanding in specific shortage areas of digital skills.

Courses are designed in close collaboration with employers who are feeding into every stage of design, delivery and wrap around support for participants throughout the training. Training is designed to ensure individuals are in the best possible position to enter the digital industry or digital roles and will have a guaranteed interview as a minimum at the end of the training.

As these bootcamps are designed to support groups disproportionately affected by COVID or underrepresented in the sector, training providers and their consortia partners are working hard to remove barriers and provide wrap around holistic support. This is to ensure individuals have the best possible chance of success and retention within the sector.

Bootcamps are not for all learners. They are intensive and delivery partners will work to ensure any perspective participant has the right attitude and attributes to be successful. Delivery partners may refer interested individuals to other provision which is more suited to their needs.

The West of England Combined Authority are not the only organisation funding bootcamp style courses in the region so you may come across other bootcamps other than those being funded through the Digital Skills Investment Programme.

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Digital skills investment programme

Who is eligible?

Perspective participants must be 19 years old and be a resident in Bath and North and East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

To ensure this free training supports those who can post benefit individuals must be disproportionately affected by COVID or underrepresented in the industry. This could include:

  • Unemployed and those on low pay
  • At risk of redundancy due to COVID
  • Women
  • Young people
  • Individuals with a disability
  • Individuals from underrepresented ethnic minority groups
Digital skills investment programme

How can you make a referral?

The very best place to find out about live bootcamp opportunities through this fund is to visit the Digital skills investment programme.

The website will give you more detail of the courses and give you further links to the individual delivery partners and how to enrol.

If you want any further information, please contact

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