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Our work with local career activity providers

The West of England Careers Hub works with almost 50 local careers activity providers across the region. We connect local providers to our network, so they can use their skills to help students in schools and colleges find suitable career opportunities. These interactions often lead to meaningful engagements between students and employers. By fostering these conversations, we’re connecting young talent with suitable careers in our region.

Careers hub opportunities

Local activity providers offer valuable activities to meet two relevant Gatsby Benchmarks:

  • Benchmark 5 – encounters with employers and employees
  • Benchmark 6 – experience of workplaces

The careers hub encourages employers and activity providers to work with our Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) schools and colleges. We can provide SEND students with employer encounters and workplace experiences, helping students from SEND schools transition to employment.

Career activity providers

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To search for local careers activity providers for schools and colleges in your area, visit The Careers & Enterprise Company to search for activity providers.

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Career activity providers

Further resources

For further resources for career activity providers, visit The Careers & Enterprise Company.

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Career activity providers

Provider Access Statement

This document outlines how the Careers Hub supports providers to access schools and colleges in the region. The Careers Hub does not have the power to enforce provider access into schools and colleges, however we are committed to using our network to support high quality careers provision for young people.

Read our policy (PDF)