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The power of devolution

I’ve recently been in touch with our new Prime Minister and new government ministers to make sure they are up to date with the progress we’re making and how we can do more to deliver for the region.

I’m always championing our region and I’m confident the government will see that we’re making a real difference, investing to improve where we live, with ambitious schemes such as our MetroWest rail plans which include seven new train stations.

I have long been a supporter of devolution because I believe local people who live and work in the region are best placed to understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities that we face. I am pleased that the new Prime Minister has signalled that he would like to give more powers and investment for local towns, cities and regions to spend on their priorities and I’m excited to explore how this can benefit the West of England. As a former Mayor of London, the Prime Minister understands the opportunities devolution brings and I’m confident it will be pushed further up the government agenda in the coming months.

It goes without saying that I’m getting dates in the diary to meet with ministers and will be working across government to look for new opportunities to gain further investment and deliver what we need to keep our region growing.

Our success is built around working together as a region; with the Combined Authority and the leaders of each of our three councils collaborating closely with universities and businesses on plans which will help improve the journeys we take, the communities we live in and the skills people need to get on in life.

We are a place with great people and talent. Ideas flourish and businesses thrive and grow thanks to the diversity and creativity found across the region’s towns and cities.

As outlined in our Local Industrial Strategy launched last month, I want to ensure that the innovation, ingenuity and creativity that the West of England is world-famous for can be harnessed for everyone.

I’m working hard to deliver in this agenda by prioritising investment in transport infrastructure and skills. I look forward to working with the new government and using our Industrial Strategy to secure investment to further boost our local economy, reduce our carbon emissions and create new, well-paid jobs which benefit everybody working and living in the region.

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