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West of England Regional Recovery Taskforce – Meetings

West of England Regional Recovery Taskforce – Meetings 2021-04-08T09:06:16+01:00

The Taskforce met every month, initially to form a recovery plan to shape how we recover from the coronavirus. These meetings focussed on the following nine discussion topics

  1. Job losses at all skill levels and stages of working lives: Flexible re-training and redeployment opportunities to support residents to move into areas of job growth
  2. Providing young people with training and/or employment opportunities: Flexible skills/education/work experience; reconsidering further and higher education and apprenticeships
  3. Accelerated digital transformation: Improve digital access and skills particularly for excluded communities, identifying growth opportunities
  4. Positive green recovery to embed a behavioural change and also improvement in air quality.  Embed change and avoid a shift back to old behaviours to encourage a reset in the ‘new normal’.
  5. Disadvantaged and deprived communities have been hardest hit: Targeted initiatives to reduce inequality gaps, including skills, enterprise, transport, health, digital access
  6. Reduced footfall in city / town centres: Build community confidence with clear messages about staying safe, make public transport as safe as possible, support regrowth/repurposing of town and city centres
  7. Region’s unique cultural draw compromised by lockdown: Support adaptation and resilience of leisure / cultural assets to retain attractiveness as a vibrant, diverse and creative place with a strong sense of community
  8. Job losses across the business base including in high volume employment sectors: Drive business adaptation and resilience, nurture start-ups and scale-ups and identify new sector growth opportunities (including low carbon)
  9. Contraction of key, high skilled, industries that are important to the region: Identify and capture high value growth opportunities, stimulate innovation, attract inward investment and redeploy high skilled workers

Our taskforce meetings are listed below. You can view the minutes of each meeting by clicking on the meeting number.

Past and future Taskforce meetings

Meeting Date Topics for discussion
Taskforce 1 15-May Initiation
Taskforce 2  16-Jun Developing design principles to shape recovery planning; short term challenges
Taskforce 3  21-Jul Skills and inclusion
Taskforce 4  18-Aug Low carbon, business and place
Taskforce 5 15-Sep Review of priority actions
Taskforce 6  13-Oct Next steps for Taskforce
Taskforce 7  03-Nov Emergency Taskforce meeting
Taskforce 8  13-Nov Supporting recovery programme
Taskforce 9 15-Dec Update on restrictions and recovery programme
Taskforce 10 24-Feb Economic update and thank you
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