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South West Energy Hub

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The South West Energy Hub

This image shows the logo of the Energy Hub.

The South West Energy Hub supports organisations across the wider South West of England to identify, develop and implement energy projects.

The Energy Hub is one of five that have been established across England. In the South West, the Hub covers seven Local Enterprise Partnership areas, with the West of England Combined Authority leading the project.

The aim of the Energy Hub is to encourage investment into energy infrastructure, connect local institutions and share best practice across the five Hub regions to increase the number, scale and quality of energy projects. Projects supported by the Energy Hub will improve the way that energy is used, supplied or distributed.

Many of these projects are likely to require direct investment. The Hub can offer support to project owners through the development stages, from feasibility, business case, design and planning to financing.

The types of energy projects given support will range from home energy retrofitting to street lighting replacement, and from low carbon electricity and heat generation to energy supply for low carbon vehicles. In some cases the Hub may support a revenue investment project which offers a new service to consumers, particularly where this is innovative, has the potential to be replicated elsewhere and contributes to energy market transformation.

South West Energy Hub website
Rural Community Energy Fund


Project Support can be viewed via this link https://www.westofengland-ca.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/SW-Energy-Hub-Local-Project-Support-Nov-19.pdf

What support can the South West Energy Hub provide?

Options appraisal and feasibility

We help you to consider different options for your energy project, supporting you to investigate the feasibility of successfully developing a project.  We help you get an understanding of risks and help select a preferred option to develop.

Feasibility studies consider the technology options, site conditions and location, financial projections, planning and permitting requirements including grid connections,  operations and governance alongside the delivery schedule.

Business case

We work with you to undertake a high level cost-benefit analysis in order to assess the viability of a scheme, identify different funding options and support your decision to proceed.

Design & planning

We will support initial scheme design and site(s) identification, liaising with planning authorities and the grid operators and developing a schedule of costs and revenues


We can provide detailed financial modelling and undertake due diligence where required to support your investment decision.

Rural Community Energy Fund

We support feasibility studies and development costs for rural community renewable energy projects through the Rural Community Energy Fund http://www.westofengland-ca.gov.uk/south-west-energy-hub-rcef/

If you would like to find out more, please visit the South West Energy Hub website https://www.swenergyhub.org.uk/