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Employability and skills portal

Employability and skills portal 2021-07-06T17:20:50+01:00

Employability, skills and training support in the West of England

Across the West of England, we’re working with partners to ensure that all our residents have the opportunity to get the skills and training they need to succeed, and to secure the jobs that are being created here.

This portal lists the support services and training available in the West of England, to help you to find the right support – whether you’re joining the workforce for the first time, looking for a new job opportunity or planning how to progress at work.

The following guides bring together the local, regional and national skills, training and employment services available to residents and businesses in the West of England.

This information will be regularly updated, acting as a self-service all-age access ‘hub’ for careers, retraining, upskilling and employability support. It and will evolve over the coming months to improve navigation and accessibility for all users.

As well as setting out the type of support available, these documents also list any eligibility criteria, website address and geographic coverage, making it easy for everyone to find the most appropriate skills and training provision.

Details of further localised provision can be accessed through the local councils:

To request a service be added to the guides and/or to be notified of future updates, please email us at skills@westofengland-ca.gov.uk

If you are a business in the West of England please visit the Growth Hub for details of wider business support services available.

West of England Growth Hub – continued support for businesses during national restrictions

We're here to help SMEs cope with the huge continuous challenges presented by Covid.

No matter what stage your business is at, we’ll help you achieve your ambitions during unprecedented times so you can adapt and improve resilience, and survive and thrive. Our support covers 5 key areas:

Financial support

Leadership and management

Skills and workforce development

Technology and innovation

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Networks and collaboration

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