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About boomsatsuma

boomsatsuma provides creative and digital training, with the aim of supporting the next creative generation.

Having grown from 12 students in 2014 to 400 from September 2019, it offers full-time diplomas for 16 – 19 years olds in Creative and Digital Media, Film and TV Production, Games, VR and VFX, Professional Acting, Stage and Screen Production Arts and Dance.

Based in centres of industry, such as The Bottle Yard Studios or Engine Shed, the creative and digital courses offer students the opportunity to learn in the places where they could find themselves working.

 WIDJET sessions

To encourage and inspire women to explore career possibilities in creative/digital industries, boomsatsuma has developed taster sessions and introductory courses in Games Design, Visual Communication and VFX, Creative and Digital Media and VR and AR. There is support for onward progression for 16 – 19 year olds who are not currently in education, employment and training and networking and work experience opportunities for everyone who demonstrates interest.

Taster sessions:

  • Creative and Digital Media and Games Design – September 2019
  • Visual Communication and VFX and VR and AR – January 2020

8 week courses:

  • Creative and Digital Media – October to November 2019
  • Games Design – October to December 2019
  • Visual Communication and VFX – February to March 2020
  • VR and AR – February to April 2020

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