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The West of England has one of the most highly skilled workforces in the country.

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) is working to ensure that all our residents have opportunities to develop the skills our businesses and employers need, now, and into the future.

WECA has developed the region’s employment and skills plan and has responsibility for allocating the adult education budget to meet the needs of local people and businesses.

We’re supporting our residents and businesses immediately affected by coronavirus through:

  • Expanding Future Bright – our career coaching and support service – to help people whose work and income have been affected by coronavirus
  • Adapting our business support and skills programmes – including Creative Scale Up, Mentoring for Growth, Low Carbon Challenge Fund and Workforce for the Future – to reflect the changing needs of businesses
  • Working with the region’s colleges and training organisations to deliver the education and skills support that our residents, businesses and local economy needs – both through the current crisis and into the future.

We’re putting plans in place for the region’s recovery through:

  • Targeted support to our major employers to ensure their survival, retention and future investment in our region
  • Our £10m DETI research, innovation and skills initiative for the engineering sector that will develop and accelerate digital engineering across multiple industry sectors
  • A new skills service to support small businesses to recover, and help connect people who have lost their jobs with new opportunities
  • Working with adult education providers to find new ways for adults to access training and education opportunities, with a particular focus on online learning, digital skills and capability
  • Helping our colleges support those currently in apprenticeships to continue to learn and gain skills.

Together we will ensure that the region, our businesses and our residents have the support needed to recover and thrive.

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