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Senior business leaders being recruited for West of England LEP

The West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is diversifying its board to help shape the economic future of the West of England, and is welcoming more applications from women business leaders.

The LEP is seeking expressions of interest from senior business leaders with regional industry expertise who will be inspirational, influential and have the credibility to champion the West of England at regional, national and international level.

Due to under-representation on the current board, expressions of interest from women business leaders would be particularly welcomed.

Ideally, key areas of interest will include:

  • Aerospace and advanced engineering
  • Digital creative and high tech
  • Law, finance and insurance
  • Infrastructure (planning, housing, transport, digital)
  • Skills
  • Business growth and innovation
  • Health

Current board member Katharine Finn, Regional leader and Bristol office senior partner, PwC, said: “I think a diverse range of skills, experience and voices around the table is essential – whether that’s senior business members who work with large or small businesses, whether we’re talking gender mix or a mix of ethnicity; it’s just really vital to have a good challenging conversation so that all different views are represented.”

Martino Burgess, Associate Director, Head of Corporate SME at Gregg Latchams, added: “One of the key things I get out of being on the LEP Board is a real insight into government policy nationally and how it fits into our region’s economy. It’s extremely important to have a mix of senior leadership experience and viewpoints on the LEP Board. We’re a vast region with lots of different communities and it’s good that all those communities are represented.”

Prof Steve West, Chair of the West of England LEP, said: “Our aim is to build a LEP board membership which secures a range of attributes, skills and backgrounds. We are committed to reflecting and utilising the diversity across our region; providing the broad mix of senior leadership required to ensure the continued success and growth of the West of England.”

Further information about the West of England and the LEP can be found at www.westofenglandlep.co.uk.

  • The LEP meets six times per year, including one public meeting.
  • Membership will be for a minimum of 18 months or maximum of 3 years. Term to be agreed on appointment.
  • All business roles are voluntary.

Expressions of interest should be emailed along with a short biography or CV to lepchair@westofengland-ca.gov.uk by Friday 15 February 2019.

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