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Local Industrial Strategy

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Crane Dance Bristol, by Laura Kriefman, Hellion Trace Ltd. Lighting by Studio Three Sixty. © Jon Rowley

The Local Industrial Strategy sets out clear priorities to drive long-term growth in our regional economy. The strategy draws on the unique strengths of our region and sets out our ambition to be a driving force for clean and inclusive growth.

The West of England Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership have brought together businesses and organisations from across our region, working closely with government, to develop the Local Industrial Strategy. The strategy covers the four authorities in our Local Enterprise Partnership: Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire.

We have also created a short summary of the full strategy:

The West of England – A place of collaboration, ingenuity and creativity

All reports relating to the development of our Local Industrial Strategy can be downloaded on the ‘Documents’ sidebar.

Next steps

We have a plan that will prepare us for a future where technology will be doing things that we haven’t even dreamt of yet. To deliver it, we need to continue to work together, sharing ideas, and bringing people together to celebrate our strengths and address our challenges. Our action plan Local Industrial Strategy: Next Steps sets out what we need to do to achieve our strategy’s objectives.