Published date 11 November 2021

Young people supported into green jobs

University of the West of England

Young people, particularly those of African and Asian Heritage, will be supported into new, green jobs thanks to new funding.

West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris said he is delighted with the £775,685 for skills training, thanks to a bid coordinated by the West of England Combined Authority which he leads.

The project - led by UWE working with NatWest and the Black South West Network - will help the West of England region transition to a green economy.

Green Skills for Jobs and Entrepreneurship will be delivered alongside an ambitious programme of skills development and training for people and businesses in the West of England, delivered by UWE Bristol’s Regional Skills Academy. Working with partners, the Regional Skills Academy is reskilling and upskilling the region’s workforce to support economic recovery, meet the demands of a digital and zero carbon society, and provide lifelong learning opportunities for adults from all communities and backgrounds.

Professor Steve West, Vice-Chancellor, President and CEO of UWE Bristol and President of UUK said: “At UWE Bristol, we passionately believe in inclusivity and opportunity, recognising the key role education has in helping transform society, to the benefit of all individuals and communities. We are delighted to have been chosen to help deliver the Government’s Community Renewal Fund which recognises the vital role that Universities have to play in helping the UK build back. Not just better, but faster, stronger, and greener too.

“This fantastic partnership with our colleagues at Black South West Network and NatWest will provide unique skills, employment and start-up opportunities to young people from communities across our region, generating an inclusive pipeline of talent for local businesses and driving the West of England’s transition to a green economy. The country needs its universities more than ever to help drive our post-Covid recovery, to support our NHS and to create good, sustainable jobs in our local communities. We are ready to turbocharge this recovery – fuelling inclusivity, growth, opportunity, mobility, and prosperity.”

This is one of four successful bids to the UK Community Renewal Fund, submitted by the West of England Combined Authority. A total of £2.4m has been secured to support people and communities most in need across the region.

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