Published date 28 September 2022

Bristol film & TV production worth £20.8m, the highest figure in a decade

Daisy May Cooper
Image credit: BBC Boffola Pictures Alistair Heap

Film and TV production in Bristol generated an estimated £20.8m in 2021/22, representing the largest contribution in a decade.

The figure – a 22 per cent increase on pre-pandemic figures – comes on the back of shows including Am I Being Unreasonable?, The Outlaws, Chloe, Showtrial and The Girl Before being made in the city.

The amount of filming that took place in Bristol was up by 10 per cent, with 1,067 filming days carried out at the Bristol City Council-owned Bottle Yard Studios or on location assisted by Bristol Film Office.

A £12m redevelopment to expand the Bottle Yard Studios has been backed by West of England Combined Authority investment to add three new stages to the Studios’ portfolio.

A total of 709 licenses were issued by Bristol Film Office, permitting filming to take place on authority-owned streets, properties and green spaces.

The 2021/22 figures are the first annual stats released by Bristol Film Office that illustrate an uninterrupted 12-month period of post-pandemic recovery for Bristol film and TV production.

The prior year's total of £12.6m was lower than preceding years due to the three-month pause in activity enforced in the first Covid-19 lockdown.

Senior film manager Laura Aviles, who oversees Bristol Film Office and The Bottle Yard Studios, said: "These figures paint an extremely healthy picture for Bristol's thriving film and TV sector - £20.8m is the highest economic contribution generated by film and high-end TV production that we've seen in a decade, since the BBC took the decision to move Casualty's production to Cardiff in 2011.

"The numbers were no surprise to our Film Office and Bottle Yard staff. We knew that production had kicked back into gear quickly after the production pause during the first lockdown in 2020."

She added: "Since then, our teams have been busier than ever supporting productions on the ground. The skilled crew, companies and facilities we work alongside, all play a vital role in making Bristol one of the most film-friendly cities in the UK.

"With The Bottle Yard's new TBY2 facility opening this Autumn, Bristol's capacity for production is increasing significantly and we look forward to supporting more titles in the year ahead."

Shane Allen, executive producer of BBC One comedy thriller Am I Being Unreasonable? said: "Bristol proved a terrific choice for many practical reasons and in giving the show its identity. Aside from the well-run Bottle Yard base, there is a wealthy array of city and rural location options within a relatively short radius.

"There's something of the soul of the West Country in Am I Being Unreasonable? which was creatively important to co-creator and co-writer Daisy May Cooper.

"Bristol is a very film friendly place, from cityscapes to bucolic beauty nearby, its versatility is impressive."

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