Published date 20 September 2022

Bristol design agency launches online guide to help communities reach net-zero by 2030

Dan & Zam of YouDoo

YouDoo is an online guide for sustainable local living in Bristol which provides ideas for small actions that can be made by an individual or family; from refill stores to environmentally-friendly goods and services. It offers top tips, practical suggestions and actions (with useful links) to help.

YouDoo launched during the UN’s Global Goals Week 16 - 25 September 2022, an annual week of action, awareness and accountability for sustainable development goals and to mobilise communities worldwide, demand urgency and supercharge solutions for people and planet.

YouDoo aims to assist Bristol reach net-zero by 2030 by helping Bristolians make sustainable choices. YouDoo believes that big change starts with small steps, in communities and neighbourhoods. We can make a difference to our quality life and surroundings, saving the earth’s vital resources and make a healthier, happier, more sustainable planet for everyone.

YouDoo was created by Bristol design agency Oku Studio and supported by a £10,000 grant as part of the West of England Combined Authority Creative Sector Growth Programme whilst the city was in the throes of covid lockdown.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “There is a climate and ecological emergency, and we desperately need everyone to do their bit to help. I’m pleased a £10,000 cash injection from the West of England Combined Authority I lead means Bristolians will be supported and guided to live more sustainable lives and in doing so, help us reach our super-ambitious net-zero-by-2030 targets locally. If locals all take the small, practical steps set out in this guide, then together we can make a big, big difference.”

How YouDoo works - Make a start, pick an action that feels doable, pledge it forward and share it. Because the more we spread the word, the more we can inspire change. Explore the website to see what else you can do to live sustainably at

Dan Hayman, Oku Studio Co-Founder said: “YouDoo is an idea that we are passionate about as people and as a business. We wanted to create something that approached the issue in a way that was positive and engaging. Our aim is to get over 5000 Bristolians to make a pledge on the site”

YouDoo was created by a team of strategists, researchers, copywriters, designers and developers from across Bristol.

Strategist and Researcher Emmelie Brownlee said: "Scientists at Grantham Institute have shared the 9 most impactful things people can do to tackle climate change. From enjoying active travel to celebrating local food, YouDoo makes it easy for you to adopt these changes in Bristol so we can all lead healthier, happier and greener lives in the city we love."

Find out more and get pledging at

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