Published date 8 June 2021

A unique work experience opportunity for young people in our region

Metro Mayor Dan Norris

What is more important – travel or the environment? Where will you live when you are working? How will you travel for school or leisure?

These just are some of the questions that will be posed to 30 students as part of a three-day virtual work experience with the West of England Combined Authority.

Students from Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire will join the Combined Authority virtually from 28-30 June, for a unique work experience opportunity. Hosted by the Housing & Planning team, they will learn about the work of the Combined Authority and ambitions for the region, through a series of workshops and activities. They will be supported throughout their three days with us to improve their problem solving, creativity, communication, teamwork and presentation skills.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris will also meet the students to hear their views. "I know the young people will have lots of ideas and views about how we can best improve the West of England. Because politics matters. It is about where you shop, how you travel to school or whether there are bees buzzing in our gardens. But it is also about choices – which scheme do we fund, what happens in a community if you build more houses in one area, how much will people be willing or able to pay to ride on a bus or train? So, there are problems to solve, and innovative solutions needed – and that means working together and showing leadership. I am sure everyone will learn some important skills. And who knows perhaps one of the young people is a future West of England Metro Mayor."

West of England Combined Authority chief executive, Patricia Greer, said: "We’ll be asking these young people to get involved in helping us shape the future of our region – our homes, travel and the environment. We really want to engage more with young people so we will use these sessions to help us improve the way we listen to young people’s voices on these topics and more."

The work experience opportunity is being promoted by Speakers for Schools and the deadline to apply is Monday 14 June. If you know someone aged 14 or over who would be interested in taking part, they can apply via this link.

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