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New bio-methane gas bus filling station opens in Bristol

A new permanent biomethane gas filling station for the metrobus fleet of environmentally friendly buses has been opened by West of England Mayor Tim Bowles and Cllr Kye Dudd, Bristol City Council Cabinet member for Energy and Transport.

The new station, at the Bristol Community Transport (BCT) depot in Bedminster will be used to fuel buses on the m1 metrobus route, which is operated by BCT under contract to First West of England. The new station represents a £960,000 investment by First West of England, that has been supported by the Low Emission Bus Fund, from the Government’s Office of Low Emission Vehicles.

West of England Mayor Tim Bowles said: “It’s great to see this new gas bus filling station open, as part of our aim to help reduce congestion, improve air quality and keep people moving. It supports my ambition to improve public transport in the region, giving people more sustainable ways to travel.

“More than 70,000 people now choose to use metrobus every week and a recent passenger survey shows a 19% shift from car to metrobus. We plan to build on that success with more services and better connections as part of our wider objective of getting more people to switch to using public transport across the West of England.”

A major investment to improve Bristol’s air quality by First West of England will see 77 new, state-of-the-art, bio-methane buses hitting the city’s streets in the coming months.

The biogas that fuels the buses is provided by the Gas Bus Alliance (GBA) and comes from waste food and is supplied from anaerobic digesters across the UK. Bio-methane gas offers a more than 80% reduction in greenhouse gases and a 95% reduction in Nitrogen Oxides compared to older diesel buses and helps to improve air quality.

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