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Local Sector Skills Statements 2019

Skills West, a Business West and West of England Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership programme, has just released the new 2019 Local Sector Skills Statements, reporting on the skills challenges affecting businesses in the West of England.

The statements are available to download for free on the Business West website and, as well as providing an insight into the skills challenges in different industries, share possible solutions and partnerships to address them. They also highlight notable achievements and developments in skills in various sectors, in addition to celebrating success stories.

Head of Skills at Business West, Nicky Williams, commented:

“The Local Sector Skills Statements are a great strategic resource for education providers, skills support organisations and businesses in the region, indeed anyone involved in planning or development around skills and training. Our training providers across the region will use the statements to inform their curriculum planning and decisions on future investment in the skills landscape and businesses will find them useful to assist them in making informed workforce planning and resourcing decisions and identifying key areas for training and continuing professional development investment”

Professor Steve West, Chair of the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership, said:

“It’s great that we continue to receive such a fantastic response to our call for insights from businesses and stakeholders across the West of England. The statements contain valuable intelligence that can help education and training organisations ensure courses and qualifications meet the needs of our employers.

“As a region we need to work together to improve the quality and relevance of careers advice, and provide clearer routes into sustainable and rewarding careers for our residents. As well as giving people the skills they need to progress further in their education and training to secure better career prospects, it will also help lead to improved employment opportunities for our region’s businesses in the future.”

Skills West is funded by the European Social Fund and Education & Skills Funding Agency, and is designed to promote joined-up thinking among key partners to tackle skills gaps.

The statements are available for the following sectors: advanced engineering and aerospace, construction, creative and digital, distribution, health and life sciences, high tech, low carbon, professional and financial services, retail, rural and food economy, social enterprise and visitor economy. You can download them here.

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