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The Planning Toolkit

The Planning Toolkit 2019-02-25T12:02:22+00:00

The Planning Toolkit outlines practical steps which the Councils and developers can take to improve the way large scale and complex planning applications are managed. It identifies shared commitments between the councils and developers for further improvement and greater consistency.

It was published by the four West of England councils and the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) on 30 April 2012 and sets out their shared vision for a more positive and consistent planning system based on collaboration and engagement.

What is the Planning Toolkit?

The toolkit is divided into three sections dealing with:

  • The culture, values and behaviour which underpin how the authorities will engage with business
  • Improvements for handling large scale and complex proposals
  • A practice guide to help the Councils and developers to work together more consistently.

The commitments in the Planning Toolkit are being taken forward by a sub-group of the LEP Infrastructure and Place Group (IPG), comprising private sector members and council officers. Details of this work is listed below:

West of England protocol for Early Councilor Engagement in the Planning Process

This protocol sets the framework for councillor and developer engagement on large scale and complex proposals, with the objective of supporting the delivery of sustainable economic growth and the creation of new jobs. It has been produced following commitments given in the West of England Planning Toolkit and following a West of England Member and Developer Summit (Building Trust) held on 23 October 2012.

West of England Technical guidance: Councilor Involvement in large scale and complex planning applications

This technical guidance supports the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership ‘Protocol for early councillor engagement in the planning application process’.  It provides a single, simple, set of guidelines which can apply across the West of England authorities for elected members who are on committees that decide planning applications on getting involved in the planning application process in relation to large scale and complex planning proposals.

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