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Evidence base

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It is the belief of the LEP that important decisions, which help shape the local economy, should be based on the best available evidence.

Local Industrial Strategy evidence base

To guide the development of the Local Industrial Strategy a suite of evidence has been produced focused on the factors that contribute to productivity growth, as well as the Grand Challenges set out in the National Industrial Strategy. This is supported by a report looking into the connectivity of the West of England with other regions.

The evidence base is a live document, which we will add to and update as new information becomes available.

Regional insight

A number of reports and bulletins have been produced providing information and analysis about the economy and labour market in the West of England:

  • Local economic assessment
  • Quarterly reports and surveys
  • Employment and skills reports

If you have any queries regarding our evidence base, please contact Charlotte Hopley.

Quarterly reports and surveys

We produce a Quarterly Economic Bulletin that provides an overview of the economic health of the West of England looking at a variety of indicators, from both national and local sources.

2011 census profile

The Census is the most comprehensive single survey of the United Kingdom population. The information from the Census enables central and local government to target resources and plan service provision more effectively. It also provides a broad range of population, social and economic information for use by other public services, the business and academic sectors, and the community.

The Census has been carried out every 10 years since 1801, with the exception of 1941. The most recent Census was held on March 27, 2011.

West of England 2011 Census Profile

Growth Forecasts

Oxford Economics have produced a series of potential growth forecasts for the West of England.

2015 Forecast

West of England 2015 Outlook Report

West of England Baseline Scenario

West of England Medium High Scenario

West of England High Scenario

2013 Forecasts

West of England 2013 Outlook Report

West of England 2013 Scenario Detail

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