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Duty to Cooperate and Joint Working

Duty to Cooperate and Joint Working 2019-03-01T10:48:47+00:00

The Authorities have undertaken the following work to articulate their shared issues and priorities and to demonstrate their continued commitment to joint working:

Current joint working

The Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) – the four West of England Councils – Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire are working together to produce a West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) which will set out a prospectus for sustainable growth to help the Region meet its housing and transport needs for the next 20 years, to 2036.

Full details on the JSP can be found here.

Please note: The JSP is being developed by the four councils and is not a WECA or LEP plan or project.

Previous joint working

Duty to Co-operate Schedule (pdf) – highlights areas of work and issues that the authorities have or will cooperate on with neighbouring authorities and other statutory bodies (as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework guidelines on Duty to Cooperate). This is a living document and is jointly updated on a regular basis.The Duty to Cooperate Schedule was consulted on between March and May 2013. The outcome of the consultation was reported to the Planning, Housing & Communities Board (PHCB) on 1st July 2013.The Board report is available here. Members endorsed the proposed changes and asked that regular update reports be made to the PHCB.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment Review (SHMA)- is an objective assessment of local housing needs. These assessments should consider housing market areas, and therefore need to be prepared jointly between neighbouring authorities. The SHMA will involve the commissioning of strategic evidence base as required.

Joint Planning Statement (pdf) – sets out the continued commitment of the West of England authorities to work together to produce a new SHMA including addressing the strategic planning implications resulting from the updated evidence base. The statement has been reported to the PHCB on 4th April 2014.

Strategic Framework(pdf) – which pulls together the Core Strategy visions and priorities into a single framework. The framework includes work on identifying infrastructure requirements to inform the Local Enterprise Partnership’s work on the Revolving Infrastructure Programme and Growth Incentive element of the City Deal.

Housing Site Acceleration Project – assess whether a series of ‘stalled’ residential sites could be brought forward for development in an expeditious manner.

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