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Zoe Metcalfe

Zoe Metcalfe 2021-05-07T14:44:26+01:00

Zoe is a co-creator of Ethos Wilder.  

Their venture mission is to fund and enable with partners the regeneration of natural environments at scale to create thriving ecosystems, enhanced biodiversity and sustainable communities for wildlife and people. They have a bold ambition and wild ideas to mitigate the impacts of climate change and disharmony between people and nature.

Zoe is an expert in regional resilience and the realisation of complex projects.  She is passionate about the creation of inclusive and resilient communities, with a personal interest in the role of meaningful data, artificial intelligence and machine learning in good outcomes for all.  An advocate for modern methods of construction and biomimicry.  Operating across a diverse geography there are common areas of focus to deliver outcomes that link to the Industrial strategy for inclusive growth, clean growth, enhancing regional productivity, creativity and innovation.

Her early career draws from a diverse background in design in residential, retail, commercial and international aviation sectors.

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